Sunny Santa Barbara Getaway (Parents Only)


Canary Hotel

 My beautiful friend Jessi, who lives in Calabasas and just had her first baby days ago, had a baby shower to welcome her little man back in April.  Since Calabasas isn’t exactly close enough for a day trip, Geoff and I decided to make a weekend of it!  I’d go to the shower, he’d golf, then afterwards we’d keep driving north an hour more to one of our favorite spots, Santa Barbara!  My mom agreed to watch Jack for the two nights we would be away so these parents could get a much needed “Parents Only” weekend away.  We loved staying at the Goodland Hotel the last trip we had for Geoff’s birthday last August, so we thought we’d try their sister Hotel, the Canary.  We loved the decor, the service, and the location especially since it was walking distance to literally everything we planned on doing.

img_4823 img_4472

When we arrived it was dinner time so Geoff made reservations at the hotel’s restaurant Finch and Fork.  By the time we got dressed and ready for dinner, it was still a little early so we took a seat at the bar (because it was just us!  No baby!  Parents take advantage when you can, haha!).  We ended up eating dinner at the bar, met a British couple on their honeymoon…and of course we gave them as many recommendations on places to eat and stay along the Cali Coast as we could.  And the food here was to die for!  I think Geoff is still dreaming of his pork dinner.  The cocktails were really good, too.  img_4408 img_4413 img_4414img_4411 My new pearl necklace Geoff gifted me “just because”.

img_4830 img_4831

The next morning we woke up early and headed downstairs to the lobby for complementary coffee and teas before eating breakfast at Fork and Finch, again.  It’s nice to stay at a hotel that also has a restaurant connected to it, or near by, not only for the convenience, but it saves the hassle of trying to decide where to eat for breakfast. I ended up ordering a light breakfast of Greek yogurt and granola (it was a HUGE portion and I did not finish it) and Geoff ordered a traditional American breakfast of bacon and eggs.  After breakfast, we went back to the room to change into our swim suits and made our way up to the gorgeous rooftop pool to lounge around for a couple hours.  The rooftop at the Canary has such gorgeous views of the town, hills, and ocean…you don’t want to miss the opportunity to check it out if you’re staying here.


Biscotti and a cuppa joe on our patio’s balcony in our cute little room.

img_4428 img_4430 img_4434

After lounging, we headed back to the room to clean up a little bit, and walk to get pedicures at a local nail salon and grab lunch on the pier.  Between our getting our feet done and lunch, I spotted a really sweet coffee shop with such an easy, coastal vibe, Breakfast.  Okay, the name “Breakfast” sold me, because, c’mon.  Breakfast is my favorite meal.  I ordered a black and tan and off we went to the pier.

Folks, we don’t recommend the pier just because it’s covered with tourists.  Pretty views of the ocean, but not recommended for lunch when you’re really hungry.  We decided to stick with what we knew was good and go to our favorite find from our last trip, Les Merchands, in the Funk Zone.  We ended up signing up as wine club members back in August, we loved it that much.  They greeted us with champagne and we had a lovely spread of cheese, meat, and bread…and a pretty decadent raspberry pistachio donut that neither one of us could finish there (we took it back and Geoff finished it later that night, ha!).  img_4832img_4437 img_4837img_4838

After lunch we walked back to the hotel and decided we need to take advantage of the rooftop once more.  img_4440

On our way out to dinner, we stopped by a really fun bar that had fabulous Yelp review, The Good Lion.  We loved the decor and vibe of this place.  Lots of travel themed objects, and the coolest wall paper.  A great mix of retro-modern meets speak easy lighting.  My only complaint is I didn’t care for the greyhound cocktail I had ordered…it was too sweet and more like a slushy for my taste, but I ended up really enjoying the Manhattan Geoff ordered ( I exchanged the greyhound for a Manhattan free of charge).  img_4843img_4841

Geoff surprised me for dinner.  We both love French food, wine, the whole culture.  So he made reservations for the most lovely French restaurant in town, Bouchon.  What a beautiful little gem this place is.  If you’re visiting and wanting a fancy dinner out with your love, this is absolutely a place to indulge in.  Brought me back to our honeymoon in Paris and dinner at Verjusimg_4451

The morning we were leaving to make our way back home, we had breakfast at The Shop Cafe, I unique walk-up and order joint connected to an auto shop!  LARGE portions, so best to share with someone.  They even serve bullet proof coffee, which I ordered, but I hear their chai tea lattes are fabulous.  Geoff ordered an English breakfast tea and their tugboat (a favorite around these parts) and I ordered a breakfast burrito.  SO. MUCH. FOOD.  But delicious.  And we even had a little snail friend join us for breakfast 🙂 img_4452

We headed back to our room one last time, made our rounds, hung our on the rooftop patio one last time, and headed back south to home and our little buddy.  It’s really important to us to fit in some quality time together, just the two of us.  It’s been tough lately to make it away for a night or two, but this weekend was just what we needed.  Relaxing, calm, perfect weather, laid back…and fun.  img_4464

Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona | 2017

As some of you might know, I have a goal to run 12 half or full marathons this year. I was able to get the year started off early with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona in Phoenix. They have something called the “Remix Challenge”, which means you run a 5K on Saturday and a half or full marathon on Sunday (I decided on the half). So with the wife gone to Tennessee for the weekend, Jack and I hopped a flight to AZ.


The flight was short, about an hour, and Jack was great on the plane. Hit some moderate turbulence, but he slept through it all. Highly recommend booking flights around your baby’s nap time.

Arriving in Phoenix we were hungry, so we checked out a sandwich shop near the convention center called Even Stevens. They had board games for the kids and Jack loved the Brava Tots.



After a great lunch, we headed over to the Rock ‘N’ Roll expo to pick up our bibs, take a look around, and get a glimpse of the course.


5K and Diaper Dash (Saturday): 

The race started at 8 AM, and I was a little excited. I decided to push Jack in the stroller (above) for the 5K on day one. I’ve ran with him in the stroller before, but never in a race. With the stroller they urge you to start in the back, so as not to get in anyone’s way. When the horn blew I was ready to run…except most people who start in the back don’t run. I spent the entire race trying to find a way around walkers and oblivious joggers. Out of 2180 I finished 538, which isn’t great, but OK considering I am pushing around 50 extra pounds. I ran at a 9:34 per/mile and finished in 29:42.

After my 5K there were signs for a Diaper Dash (under 2 year old run). The Dash is roughly 100 feet start to finish. Jack just turned 14 months old (literally on the day of this event) and I thought to myself “Jack wont be able to do this event much longer”. We enrolled him in the Diaper Dash for fierce competition against 3 other little ones. The other competitors were vicious, but we got our medal.


Half Marathon (Sunday):

The Phoenix Rock ‘N’ Roll course is notoriously flat and a fast course. For the first 6-7 miles of this course we ran through residential and industrial zones, which weren’t all that appealing. The course took us through an interesting acoustical tent, the hole in the rock, and the Phoenix Zoo.

After catching the flu three day before Christmas, training didn’t go well for this race. I was able to run solo this day because some awesome friend were able to watch the kid in the morning. Overall 5995/10346, pace 11:30 per/mile, finish time 2:30:35.


Final medal count:


Paso Robles Two Year Wedding Anniversary


Two years ago on our wedding day 12/13/14

This year I asked if we could go to Paso Robles to celebrate my birthday.  We’d take Jack up to wine country for the first time (he’s been to Temecula more than I can count!).  Since my birthday is on Christmas, we decided to plan on a different date, of course.  Geoff made reservations and I suddenly realized “hey, that’s our wedding anniversary!” when he told me the dates.  This is what happens when you drop a kid in the mix, am I right?   All teasing aside, it ended up being the perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


We stayed at Tobin James.  If you’re a wine club member, not only do you get to stay with them, but when your visit is over you have the option of paying for your room with either money…or by wine purchases!  Um…we’ll take the wine, thank you very much!  Jack was definitely curious in the tasting room so we took him outside to walk around and explore.  This kid wants to be in everything…so sometimes that means chasing a toddler around while wine tasting.


 After moving our belongings into the room, we drove over to Steinbeck.  This place is special because it inspired my dream of having a black wedding dress.  The first time we went I noticed a black dress in a shadowbox hanging on the wall of the tasting room.  I love everything Victorian so I was intrigued to read about it.  I learned it was a wedding dress from the late 1800s and that Vera Wang was also starting to design black wedding dresses (this was 5 years ago or so).  So, right then and there, I made up my mind and thought if Geoff and I get married my mom is making me my BLACK wedding dress…And that’s just what she did.

Dinner that night was at a new restaurant we hadn’t tried before, Fish Gaucho.  It had a Mexican flair to it…and a very impressive tequila bar!  Once we got back to our room, we took baths, got ready for bed, and had a rough time trying to get Jack to go to sleep (don’t let your kid sleep through dinner).  Eventually we all fell asleep and woke up the next morning ready to start our day of wine tasting, celebrating our marriage with our boy.




Our first stop was at L’Aventure.  Make sure to call a head of time to make a reservation.  It’s definitely a must when visiting Paso.  Both Geoff and I loved the fact that it was red wine only.  My favorite was the Cote a Cote and Geoff enjoyed the Estate Cuve.  Jack enjoyed the wine cave the most.  We also got a little taste of wine they don’t sell…go visit so you can try it, too!

TH Estate Winery


We continued our tasting at TH Estate Winery.  I especially loved all the succulents and the gorgeous views (we took quite a few family photos here).  The owner of the winery was an NFL player turned wine maker.  The reds were bold, just the way I like them.

Wine Shine

img_4753 img_4754

After lunch at Firestone, we decided to check out a new establishment in town, Tin City.  Similar to The Funk Zone we loved in Santa Barbara, Tin City has wine AND spirits tasting rooms all in the same little location.  Originally we went there to check out a room that was recommended by L’Aventure for us to try, but it was closed.  So right across form the room was a distillery, Wine Shine.  We were welcomed in and while Jack napped in his stroller, Geoff and I enjoyed a couple samples of whiskeys and bourbons.  Please check out these guys if you are exploring Tin City.  Their Manhattan is to die for!


img_4758 img_4759

Of course we couldn’t miss one of our favorites, Whalebone.  Good laughs were had while we talked about babies and kids with the owner’s oldest daughter.  Bob wine and others were sipped and shared while Jack tasted an assortment of olive oils.  And played with the cats.  If your curious about a great winery to take your kids to Whalebone is 100% kid friendly.


img_4772 img_4775And lastly, Re:Find distillery.  You can’t go wrong here.   The vodka is some of the best we’ve had.  This time we got to taste kumquat and even some of their gin and whiskey.  Look out for a recipe using their kumquat vodka here!

img_4790 img_4793 img_4797

Dinner was at a favorite spot, Villa Creek.  This time it was a little different eating there at 5:30 in the evening (no one was there!).  We learned the night before to not let the boy sleep through dinner so an early one was a must.  And since it was Tuesday, we had to jump on their Taco Tuesday special.  The chicken tacos were DELICIOUS.  Even Jack enjoyed some!  Afterwards, Geoff held Jack while we all walked over to the Chocolate Factory to get some sweets for the room.  The bear sitting outside was a hit for Jack.  Once we got back to our room, Jack went to bed not long after, and both Geoff and I were pretty tired ourselves so we all called it an early night.  I of course kept waking up because SOMEONE ordered espresso at dinner…should have ordered decaf!


The next morning we packed up, ordered 2 days worth of wine to take home as payment for our stay, and made our way over to Morro Bay for a quick trip to Dorn’s.  Geoff saw the rock for the first time and we met up with a girlfriend I met at my Holy Yoga retreat last month.  Great food, great company, and a great way to top off our anniversary trip.

To many more!


Sunset Challenge 2017


We love Sunset Magazine.  Especially since it’s a magazine dedicated to traveling reasonably local to California.  This year for 2017, we’ve decided to come up with a little challenge, a New Years Resolution if you will.  We will pick one destination from each month’s issue and go there!  Whether it be a day trip or a weekend, our family will travel to a destination to check out featured restaurants and attractions.  And of course share with you all about our travels!  If you’d like to join in on the fun, make sure to let us know where you’re going by tagging us @travelingpasleys and use the hashtag #sunsetchallenge2017 on your trips!


Geoff’s Birthday: Santa Barbara


For our birthdays, Geoff and I like to go on a night or weekend away to celebrate.  This year, we ended up planning a little trip up to Santa Barbara!  We’d camped in Carpenteria before, but have never actually stayed and explored SB or the wine country surrounding it.  So this weekend trip we made it a point to hit up downtown, explore the Funk Zone, golf/yoga, and venture out to wine country.

Our first stop in SB was lunch at Carlitos.  We both ordered margaritas, of course, and enjoyed some of their specials they had, like their enchiladas with beans and rice.  I liked the fact that the food wasn’t heavy like American Mexican food can be, but light and fresh!

After lunch we headed over to the shop for Carr Winery in downtown.  We enjoyed a tasting of reds.  My favorite part of the winery, however, was when I had to go to the bathroom….Ha!  I was pleasantly surprised to find a poster from our favorite wine bar EVER, Willi’s Wine Bar in Paris!!  I even made Geoff go inside and take a look, and snap a picture. From there we hopped around to a couple more wine rooms then made our way over to dinner at The Lark.  We dined on popcorn, bone marrow, and some ridiculous/out-of-this-world gnocchi!

img_1277_heidi img_1281_heidi img_1284_heidi img_1294_heidi img_1305_heidiimg_1836_geoff-copy

The second day we did our own thing in the morning.  Geoff went golfing at Sandpiper and I went to a yoga class downtown at Yoga Soup.  After yoga I drove out to pick up Geoff and we were off to Los Olivos…for hotdogs!  Lunch was had at the cutest little spot you ever ordered a hot dog from, The Doggy Door.  I still have dreams of my meal there.  After consuming probably the best dog of my life, we walked around the town, hopping in to one tasting room after the other.  We even took a little drive out to a winery (weren’t that impressed with it) and made our way back to the hotel where we stayed the rest of the trip.


We stayed at the Goodland Hotel in Goleta.  The hotel was definitely a motel “something” back in it’s day.  But you wouldn’t know by the remodeling and decor around the place!  We loved all the unique touches here and there around the property!  Um, record players in every room?! Delicious cocktails at two bars to choose from, a fabulous restaurant, Outpost (get the Bipimbap…OMG!) We had dinner here the second night as well as breakfast the day we left. So good.

img_1314_heidiimg_1324_heidiimg_1880_geoff img_1883_geoff img_1885_geoff img_1888_geoff

After breakfast, we packed up the car and made our way home…but had to stop in the Funk Zone at least one last time, right?  We ended up checking out the wine bar, Le Marchands, connected to The Lark (where we had dinner the first night).  If becoming wine club members doesn’t sell you on the place I don’t know what will.  img_1347_heidi img_1351_heidi


Harrah’s Rincon: Best Pool Ever


August is a huge birthday month for Geoff’s family.  We planned on celebrating his birthday in Santa Barbara at the end of the month (his birthday is August 1st).  After booking our trip to SB, my MIL offered to watch Jack while she was in town for her birthday on the 15th, so we could escape for a weekend away to celebrate Geoff’s birthday! Haha, well, why not book two vacations in one month to celebrate Geoff?

It’s been so hot in southern Cali, so we decided to check out Harrah’s Rincon Casino!  Just between Temecula and Northern San Diego, Harrah’s seemed like the perfect spot.  Of course we stopped at our favorite winery for a glass (or two or three) of wine before heading down to our destination. Once we settled in to our amazing suite (thanks comps!) we scouted the property for live music.  We found a cover band outside and listened to them for a while then decided to go up to our room to change into our bathing suits to check out THE. BEST. POOL. EVER.  Oh my gosh you guys!  A lazy river, A LAZY RIVER!  And a larger pool for adults with spas surrounding the pool area.  Oh, and a swim up bar.  AND MOVIE NIGHT…where we discovered Ace Ventura was playing on one end and SADLY we missed Dumb and Dumber playing on the other side (I may have been the only sad one.)

The next day we had breakfast from Starbucks and promptly made our way down to the lazy river to find a spot in the shade.  Most of our time was spent rafting on the river, laughing so hard every time the raging waterfall would knock our sunglasses off our faces, my top would move up or down accidentally (that darn waterfall!) or we’d awkwardly end up hitting someone with our feet.  Swimming up to the pool bar was pretty fun, too, but VERY busy so keep that in mind.  Find a spot and sit there for a while.

We also ended up going to the spa.  Geoff got a massage while I got a facial.   Once we were relaxed and refreshed, we met downstairs for dinner at Fiore.  Steaks and red wine from one of our favorite wineries in Napa were enjoyed, and they even brought out dessert for Geoff’s birthday.

The following morning we jumped in the lazy river one last time, had a bloody mary at the pool bar, packed up our things and made our way back home.  Usually when we go to San Diego we like to get dim sum, but since we didn’t make it quite that far, we decided to try some in Temecula before making it back to Redlands.  Geoff found Yuan Dim Sum and it really hit the spot.  The summer Olympics were playing (um, hello organized swimming?!) and our fortune cookie seemed to be a little late since we were just coming back from a vacation in the mountains…well hills but maybe some might consider them the mountains.  Looking forward to our weekend in Santa Barbara next!

img_1141_heidi img_1143_heidi img_1147_heidi img_1148_heidi img_1150_heidi img_1152_heidi img_1155_heidi img_1156_heidi img_1163_heidi img_1166_heidi img_1168_heidiimg_1170_heidi img_1173_heidi img_1174_heidi

Southwest Road Trip: New Mexico

IMG_0980New Mexico is the home of Geoff’s mother’s father’s family (make sense??).   The Aguayos are a well known family in Alto so when his Uncle Ron passed away, New Mexico is where he’d be laid to rest with many of his other family members, including Geoff’s grandfather.  I thought I had taken more pictures of his Aunt Judy’s beautiful home in the mountains, with it’s wrap around porch and family photographs from the past throughout the home, but I guess I found it more important to soak in time talking to family I’d never met, seeing all of these people who looked so much like my son!

While we were staying in New Mexico, Geoff, Grant, Jack and myself stayed with Grandma Jeanette and John in the cutest little cabin.  It was so wonderful to spend some time with my mother in law now that she’s in Florida.  Jack absolutely loved cuddles, kisses and songs from his grandma and I enjoyed the home cooked breakfasts and hearing stories about her family…well I guess my family, too!

Although we stayed in the cabin two nights, it went by so fast!  We arrived late afternoon on Saturday and spent Sunday with family.  It was raining hard Sunday for the memorial…kind of a beautiful back drop for the day.  The memorial for Uncle Ron was held at the church he attended with Judy.  Right when we arrived Jack started screaming so I took him in to the nursery and he and I played while I tried to listen to the songs and stories about Ron (but let’s be honest, Jack was soaking up much of my attention, crawling and screaming and teething and crying and laughing and climbing and….you get the picture!).  When I heard bagpipes playing, however, I grabbed Jack and we stood outside of the sanctuary and listened to them play.  Jack was mesmerized.  And what I loved most about the service that Jack and I both were able to see first hand was everyone gathered outside under the church’s walkway, a firetruck and possibly Ron’s uniform and boots, propped up next to flowers, were on display while the bagpiper played Amazing Grace…then Home.  While he played everyone hugged one another, Geoff took Jack and held him close, and I watched the bagpiper walk away into the rain, the pipes growing more and more faint, like Ron was walking home.  So beautiful.

After the memorial we went back to Aunt Judy’s where she told me stories of all the people in the photographs around her home.  I loved hearing stories of Ron and her.  Reminded me so much of Geoff and I.


The next morning, Geoff’s 32nd birthday, we left Alto and on our way out, Geoff took me to a jewelry shop that his aunt worked for.  He told me to pick out something nice.  So of course I chose turquoise earrings for my birthstone and because we were in New Mexico so why not!  I’ve been wearing them ever since.  Afterwards, we climbed back in the car with Grant and Jack and started our 8 hour drive to Phoenix!  More on our stay there soon!

Southwest Road Trip: Tucson


A couple months ago, Geoff’s Uncle Ron had passed away from his battle with cancer.  His family, the Aguayo’s, are from New Mexico and have a rich history in the area that we were traveling to, Alto and Ruidoso.  So it was only fitting that Ron’s wife, Judy, planned to have everyone out to visit and celebrate Ron’s life at their local church as well as her beautiful home in Alto.

Being that New Mexico is at 14 hour drive for us, Geoff, his brother Grant, Jack and I decided to chop up the drive a bit and stay in Tucson the first night of our road trip.  Jack’s been on drives that have been no more than 2 hours at a time, so we were all a little skeptical about how 6 hours would be for this little man.  Well, he did great!  Long naps in his carseat, one pit stop for all of us to use the restroom and for a diaper change for Jack, and some Netflix and lots of singing on my part (I sat in the back with him the entire roadtrip) made the drive bearable for him.

We stayed at the coolest Air BnB yet!  The Elysian Grove Market wasn’t our first choice.  Our previous rental had cancelled on us last minute so within 24 hours we had to find another place!  So I had no idea where we were staying until we pulled up to the market…the MARKET? Ha!  I was a bit skeptical at first, but once we walked into our digs for the night I immediately felt 100% grateful for the cancellation and fell in love with the thrifty and quirky vibe of this historical market turned loft.  Every piece of furniture and decor seemed to have some kind of story behind it, and there was so much character and funky do dads to look at and observe…Jack was in Heaven!

Once we unloaded the car (meaning Geoff and Grant while I watched Jack) we were ready to settle down and relax!  The owner also brews his own beer so there were beers to enjoy in the fridge.  Geoff and I had purchased a case full of different wines before the trip, for the trip, so we opened up a sav blanc from Justin (up in Paso Robles…mmmmm) and a French white.  Jack enjoyed a bottle of course.

This place is not baby friendly, however, in terms of floors and furniture so we had our eyes on Jack at all times.  Also, there is no AC and we were there during monsoon season and it just so happened to be the hottest day of the year…but later that night we experienced a desert downpour which made the evening lovely!  We sat outside, enjoying our drinks, Jack enjoying his first desert rain, and took it all in, watching the rain fall and laughing at the pet rabbit that roamed around in the back yard :)  IMG_0933

IMG_0845IMG_0853IMG_0849IMG_0877 - CopyIMG_0911IMG_0906IMG_0897 - Copy

That night we ate at the oldest Mexican restaurant in the nation, El Charro .  The host of Elysian Grove Market told us about it and said we’d better try it out!  So we drove off in the rain to enjoy a nice meal together.  I ordered the vegan enchiladas and the boys ordered heavier options.  It was our first time trying carne seca, too!  Very good :)  I also ordered a virgin margarita because I was the driver and figured I’d have more wine at home after Jack went to sleep, and of course Jack hit the glass while I was drinking and I spilled it all over me…HA!  Not as bad as the French fry incident haha!IMG_0915IMG_0924The next morning we packed up our belongings and headed over to Cup Cafe located in the historic Hotel Congress (notice a theme here?  Every place we went to and even where we stayed was historic…so perfect for me!).  We loved the penny decor on the tables out in the waiting room as well as the floor inside the cafe!  The breakfast was really nice, especially the cajon rendition of biscuits and gravy they had on the menu.  Once we filled our bellies, we paid our bill, jumped back into the car, bought the cheapest tank of gas I’ve ever filled up…okay, maybe in the last 10 years, and made our way out to New Mexico!IMG_0968IMG_0970IMG_0972IMG_0962IMG_0937Will be sharing our time in New Mexico next :) Hope everyone’s week has been good!

Our Weekend: Joshua Tree


This post is a little bit overdue.  But hey, it’s never too late to share, right?

This past Memorial Day Weekend, we piled up in the car and took a spontaneous drive out to Joshua Tree.  I had been wanting to check out what all the fuss was about for quite some time now, and since Joshua Tree is just under an hour away from home, I thought it would be the perfect little family getaway for the day.  We had no plan on where to go while we were there, but thought we could possibly grab a coffee, walk around (in the heat I might add) and maybe have a bite to eat then head home.

When we got into the town after just an hours worth of driving (and a sleeping Jack in the back woohoo!) we put the little guy in his stroller and strolled on over to Joshua Tree Coffee Coffee Company.  We almost didn’t see the place since it’s hidden behind a yoga studio in the cutest and quaintest little courtyard.  I went in since the shop only fits maybe three people at a time, plus Jack was waking up from his nap.  I grabbed a coffee for myself and a tea for Geoff and we enjoyed our beverages, Jack enjoyed a bottle, and we people watched for a little bit on the patio.  Once we were ready to start packing up and continue our little adventure, I noticed a woman who looked familiar to me.  I realized who she was, called out her name and she came over to us!  She was the head of the art department at CSUSB and we chatted for a few minutes, mostly about motherhood of course, and about her living in Joshua Tree, having her own art studio, and the best pizza place outside of NYC (she’s originally from there).  It was our lucky day because the best pizza place outside of NYC just so happened to be in the same courtyard we were in.

Having had breakfast not long before our drive, we weren’t feeling too hungry just yet, so we decided to take a family stroll around the town.  Although it was very hot, we kept cool by peaking into shops here and there.  The visitor center was a great place to take a break from the heat, as well as a fun thrift store where I chatted up the sales clerk about fashion of course.  It was starting to get a little later into the day, the sun was rising and feeling hotter and hotter by the minute, so we decided it was time to start heading home…but not until we got the best pizza outside of NYC.  The boys waited for me in the air conditioned car while I went into Pie for the People.  I ordered a slice of cheese for me and a slice of pepperoni for Geoff.  None for Jack, but someday!  I must say, that pizza took me back to our trip to NYC this last March.  I would drive from Redlands to Joshua Tree just for that pizza.

LA Weekend Getaway


Last weekend Geoff and I had our first over nighter away from Jack!  My mom and aunt watched him while Geoff and I drove out to LA to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.  Both of us were a little nervous about leaving him over night for the first time, but knew he would be in good hands.

Our first stop was at the Grove Marketplace for some window shopping and lunch.  We are suckers for anything Parisian or French, so naturally we ended up enjoying lunch at an outdoor restaurant nestled in the middle of the marketplace.  Mr. Marcel Pain Vin et Fromage had a lovely view of the marketplace, perfect for people watching and enjoying a nice cold glass of crisp Chardonnay.  We bought a doormat that reads “bonjour/au revoi” for our front door.


Before we left the marketplace, I had to make a stop, for the first time, to the American Girl Store.  I grew up loving Samantha Parkington, had the doll and all her accessories!  It was like walking down memory lane, telling Geoff about the doll’s stories.  Geoff actually really enjoyed all the little accessories the dolls had, and thought it was interesting that they also taught young girls history lessons.  His absolute favorite was the hair salon


After geeking out at American Girl, we drove to our hotel in Korea Town.  The Line hotel was so much fun.  It was the perfect mix of modern meets industrial meets natural fibers and textures.  Very hipster.  The hotel features two delicious restaurants that Geoff and I ate at, Pot for dinner, and Commissary for breakfast.  I loved the fact that we didn’t have to leave our hotel for meals because we were really looking for a relaxing weekend.  Although Jack has been sleeping through the night most of the time since he was 6 weeks, not having to worry about waking up in case he needed us was a little luxury.  Eating, having a few drinks at the bar, playing ping pong on the rooftop poolside and calling it a night at 9pm was just what we needed!  And the view from our room was AMAZING!  Sometimes we take advantage of how often we see the Hollywood sign.



Of course, we couldn’t stop thinking about our little man.  We caught ourselves straying from our current conversation to wondering what he was doing, looking forward to seeing him the next day.  Missing him made us realized just how much we love him.  It’s so important to reconnect with your first love.  Our over nighter to LA was the perfect little getaway for Geoff and I to feel like our old selves again, and realize that we were equally excited to be reunited with our son.  I know it’s so easy to fall into the every day to-dos and forget that bit of adventure you used to have with your spouse or significant other.  Geoff and I both crave travel and vacations.  It’s our love language.  So getting away, even just for the night, made a world of difference for our relationship.  Don’t forget each other.  Your relationship will be happy for it.